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Grades K-5

Due to COVID-19, our much-loved $mart Money Magic $how for elementary schools is being offered in an online, on-demand, format. And with a NEW space theme! Instead of delivering an in-person 45-minute school-wide assembly, the Show is being produced into a multi-segment recorded program available 24/7, April 1–30, 2022. Use the Show segments on dates/times of your choosing!

Each $mart Money Magic $how (Show) segment is roughly 5 minutes long, and uses magic, comedy, and sleight-of-hand, to explain money concepts to help kids remember each money lesson. Each registered elementary school partner is given access to all individual segments which are in the form of Youtube videos that can be shown individually, a few at a time, or all at once as a 40-minute program. The specifics of implementation are up to you – our educator partner. This flexibility is intentional, to make it as easy as possible for you to fit these fun and magical money lessons into your Financial Literacy Month plans!

Lessons from Ally's Planet Zeee and the Money Tree book will be brought to life with humor, magic, and sleight of hand with this year's $mart Money Magic $how! You can use both the Show segments AND the Planet Zeee book (also available at no cost, online).

Links to each of the ~5-minute Show segments, as well as the entire 40-minute Show, will be emailed to teachers/classrooms/schools who register for our $mart Money Magic $how. We're especially hoping to connect with schools that serve low-to-moderate-income students. (LMI)

This is an exciting opportunity for Michigan's schools to safely bring financial literacy to students in a fun and educational way, and is a great supplement to current instruction. You may have students watch the entire 40-minute Show at one time, or you can use the segments over several days...whatever works for you!

On/around March 15th, links to recorded segments will be emailed to educators who've registered at the link above.
QUESTIONS? Contact Kelly Masters, Michigan Financial Wellness Network, at

Thanks to our generous underwriting partner, Ally Financial, there is no cost to your school or district for hosting the Michigan Financial Wellness Network’s (DIGITAL) $mart Money Magic $how, during Financial Literacy Month, April 1-30!


1 – Spaceman Joel reads Planet Zeee and the Money Tree book in its entirety, for all to enjoy!

2 – Earning Money – Planet Zeee’s Money Tree has run out of money leaves! Zara, Zoey, and Zach can’t buy anything since they don’t have any money to spend. They learn how to earn money from Emma, Jack, and James, and it’s so easy that anyone can do it! (Show segment correlates to lessons in the Planet Zeee book, pages 6, 10, 11)

3 – Spending on needs vs wants – Zara, Zoey, and Zach spend their money on food, toys, and clothes. But it’s important to know what to buy first. You’ll learn this lesson by playing a magical game; can you outsmart Spaceman Joel? (Show segment correlates to lessons in the Planet Zeee book, pages 4, 5, 12)

4 – Goods and Services - Emma, Jack, and James provide services like babysitting and dog walking to paying customers. Zara sells unicorn saddles which are a “good.” To teach about goods and services, Spaceman Joel magically produces a special surprise! (Show segment correlates to lessons in the Planet Zeee book, pages 10, 18, 19, 22)

5 – Saving - Zara, Zoey, and Zach usually get their money from the Money Tree, so they have never had to save in order to buy goods and services. Emma, Jack, and James share clever tips on how to save while Spaceman Joel makes money vanish and reappear in a very magical way! (Show segment correlates to lessons in the Planet Zeee book, pages 11, 12, 13, 20)

6 – Budgeting – As Emma explains Earth money to Zara, Zoey, and Zach, she shares that her family follows a budget. That’s a plan on where your money goes and what it’s spent on. To help explain, Spaceman Joel presents an unusual spelling bee with a magical ending that you won’t believe! (Show segment correlates to lessons in the Planet Zeee book, pages 11, 12)

7 – Financial Institutions – James saves some of his money in a bank, a financial institution that helps you save, spend, and invest your money. Zach is confused by this, but Spaceman Joel makes it easy to understand with a magical twist on a familiar game! (Show segment correlates to lessons in the Planet Zeee book, pages 11, 12, 13)

8 – Giving – Emma gives some of her money to her local animal shelter to support their good work. Giving back to your community with your time, talents, and money is a smart money choice. And Spaceman Joel magically shows that when you give to and help others, it can come right back to you! (Show segment correlates to lessons in the Planet Zeee book, page 12)

9 – Interest – Jack explains that when you put money into a savings account at a bank, the bank pays you. That’s called interest and it’s a way that money can grow. Get ready for a magical money mystery as Spaceman Joel teaches about interest! (Show segment correlates to lessons in the Planet Zeee book, pages 13)

10 – The entire $mart Money Magic $how, encompassing all 9 aforementioned segments, edited into a single long-play file.

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